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Our tutors can provide the boost that a student often needs to successfully move to the next level of their education.  They are personally screened and interviewed from many  backgrounds, including classroom teachers, college graduates, and students pursuing teaching certificates. 

All tutors have valuable classroom experience, are fully qualified to teach, and have been background-checked.  We provide a solid and safe educational experience so that the students using our services will excel.


Our Tutors


Teacher and Student

"I struggled for years trying to find tutors for my child with learning differences. Once I found Janice and A PLUS TUTORING, I never had to search again. Janice was always able to provide exactly the right person to work in any area. Now with my child in college, I still use A PLUS to provide that extra help - their tutors have been a life-saver for me and my child."​

"Thank you for finding a tutor that was not only helpful, but inspiring. He inspired me to work hard and accepted no excuses.  My tutor explained my school lessons in fun and creative ways. The more we worked, the more confident I got and the more I participated in class. He helped me succeed by helping me regain confidence in my abilities."

"For almost two years, I reached out to every resource I could think of to find a reading tutor to help my son with dyslexia. Finally, we caught a break when a professor at NAU heard about a student that found success through A PLUS TUTORING

From the very first phone call, I found A PLUS to be professional, understanding, and very helpful. My son's tutor was able to do what speech therapists, NAU camp, a school reading specialist, and I could not do. She took away his bad feelings about not being able to read, and taught him to read so that he enjoys it. This is not the kind of success usually experienced through tutoring. 

We also found a great social studies tutor who went the extra mile to make learning fun. A PLUS was a miracle for our family and an incredible value at half the price of corporate tutoring places in Phoenix, plus twice the knowledge and caring. Thank you so much!"

Mission Statement

Flagstaff’s Premier Private Tutoring Service!


We are passionate about making sure that the Flagstaff community is supported with opportunities to succeed.  Our goal is to provide personalized tutoring to the students of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona. 

A PLUS TUTORING is leading the way in personalized tutoring in Flagstaff and the surrounding area.  We are the only locally-run professional tutoring service in the region.  Please help spread the word, as we continue to grow and educate the youth of Flagstaff!

Our History


was founded by Janice Woodburne in 2004, who drew on her 16 years experience as both a teacher and a principal.  She understood that, all too often, kids are left behind in a subject that they are fully capable of learning with a little extra help.


In 2017 Janice retired, handing the business over to long-time A PLUS tutor Trina Goetz.  With a Masters' Degree in Education and more than two decades of experience teaching in both the public school system and private sector, Trina is committed to providing the best possible private tutoring available in the greater Flagstaff area.

Our Tutors

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