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A PLUS TUTORING provides one-on-one tutoring services, personalized to meet the needs of any student. Tutoring sessions typically are a review of a student’s classroom curriculum, plus time spent helping to fill in the the areas of study that are either troublesome or confusing.  Every student, no matter how smart, finds subjects that just don’t “click” for them.  When this happens, they can stop trying, or not pay close attention in class. In addition, boredom or poor performance can be an indicator that a student is gifted or needing further academic challenge to keep their interest and attention.

It is our job to smooth the waters and help your child get what they weren’t receiving within the regular classroom experience.  We aim for that “light bulb experience,” or the “Aha, now I get it,” that comes from a little more personalized attention.​


~  Study Skills & Homework Assistance

~  Reading Comprehension

~  Mathematics: Geometry, Pre-Algebra, Calculus

~  Sciences: Chemistry, Physics

~  Foreign Languages

~  Adult Education and ESL

~  Test Prep: SAT, ACT, GED, GRE

~  Special Needs

~  College Level Courses - please inquire




The majority of our tutoring sessions tend to be in one-hour increments, but may vary due to the age and needs of each child. There are no maximum or minimum number of sessions required, so our services can be used as much or little as is needed to meet educational goals. One-on-one sessions between the student and the tutor assure that time is spent addressing exactly what each student is having trouble with, and help them to gain confidence in their skills.

All of our tutoring has to be done in a non-distracting and quiet setting. Tutoring can be done in the student’s home, as a convenience to parents, but home is not always the best setting. For example siblings or pets can be distracting or noisy, or a student may feel uncomfortable knowing their parent is hovering nearby. Often we meet at other locations in the Flagstaff area, such as a school or local library.

If your child is having difficulty in a particular area of study, we will find a tutor to fit your needs. We have an extensive pool of tutors that we have screened to make sure they meet all of our high standards, and also have a wide network of educators that we can call upon for special circumstances.

A PLUS TUTORING provides tutoring services for all grade levels (K-12 and college level) and many areas of standardized testing to the students of Flagstaff and Northern Arizona.  We also tutor adults in ESL and foreign languages.  

We are Flagstaff’s premier tutoring service!

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