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How are our services adapting to COVID-19?

COVID-19 UPDATE:  Although we are primarily a face-to-face tutoring company, during this time we are also offering online tutoring for our clients that prefer this option. 

What subjects / grade levels do you tutor?

Where does tutoring take place?  Is online tutoring available?

Tutoring takes place in public places, such as a library or after school facility.  We also hold sessions in a client's home by request. In-person sessions are most effective, however, online tutoring is available for those students who prefer that option.

Are your services affordable?

Join Our Team ~ Become A Tutor

As the premier tutoring service in Flagstaff, Arizona, we are always looking for good talent to join our team of tutors.  We provide a very diverse set of instruction, from mathematics to sciences to the arts.  In order to have the right people to effectively tutor this wide variety of subjects, we are regularly seeking those with special skills in defined areas of study. We especially are in need of specialized tutors in math, physics, chemistry, biology, and primary reading, as well as all other subject areas.

All of our tutors need to be professionally qualified in the subjects they are teaching.  We screen every tutor to make sure they not only have the educational background and skills needed, but also share our philosophy and commitment to your child's success. We realize that all tutoring and teaching styles are different, therefore, tutors must know their subjects, be skilled at teaching to diverse types of learning styles, and encourage an enthusiasm for learning.  

If you fit this criteria and would like to be considered as a tutor for our company, please CONTACT US.


We provide tutors for ALL core subjects: math, science, reading, and social studies, as well as foreign languages and ESL.  Tutors experienced with special needs students are also available.  We cover all grades K-12th grade and college level. 

What qualifications and experience do your tutors have?

Our tutors are qualified classroom teachers, college graduates, and students working towards their educational certificates.  They are motivated by a desire to see your child succeed.

A PLUS TUTORING offers reasonable rates, with no registration fees or long-term commitments.  Costs are based on hourly rates. Clients have the flexibility of deciding how often to meet with their tutor and the length of their sessions.

For further information on RATES and HOURS, please CONTACT US.

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